Calling all FOODIES! Munchin’ Food Tours runs walking tours designed to give guest a true feeling of California through food, history, and friendship. Built “from scratch” by a local San Diego Foodie, our SoCal native guide will provide you with all the knowledge and experiences you need to live and dine like a local. Our tours lead you through a half-dozen, hand selected, local-owned (and local frequented) shops and restaurants, providing stories, tastes, and sips (if you like!) at every stop along the way. Our flexible guides will be available and at your disposal for your roughly 3-hour tour, while they take you through some of San Diego’s most gastronomically influential neighborhoods. This isn’t your typical “tourist centered” tour! Come ready, come hungry, for bite into the life of a SoCal local! Manja, Manja!​​​​​​​
A Letter From the Owner
Hey! My name is Atakin Mason (IG: @duckkfatt), and I'd like to thank you for taking the time to check us out! Munchin' Food Tours is a dream that became reality during "The Great Re-opening" of 2021. I created Munchin' with the help of my beautiful family of foodies, pictured below. My mission is to share my passion for great food and my love of Southern California with every hungry belly that comes my way! Born and raised in SoCal, I spent much of my free time in the kitchen with family and cooking for friends. I enlisted in the U.S. Marines at age 18, and spent the next four years at Camp Pendleton, the northern border of San Diego County. After serving my contract in the armed forces, my family and I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. However, something wasn't quite right. 
Sin City was amazing! There was an abundance of cultures from all over the world, World renowned restaurants like you've never seen, and the beauty and serenity of nature was only a short car ride away. Las Vegas is where I truly honed in on my passion for learning about and sharing food and culture. Plus, it was a lot cheaper than California! But, there was something missing... That California Feeling. That easy-goin', feet in the sand, burrito in my hand kind of feeling. Any true Californian will agree, there's nothing like it! 
After two years in Las Vegas, an acceptance letter to San Diego State was my ticket back home. When I got back to San Diego, I decided it was time to truly do what I loved! So I dived head first in to my curiosity for cuisine. I created a page where I could share all of my favorite eats from around the city with anyone who wanted see. After a (absolutely terrible) year (filled with job-loss, closures, sickness and unforgettable losses), I grew a decent following online and I decided it was time to take the next leap. Since the fall of the pandemic is approaching (hopefully), life is starting to get back to normal (fingers crossed) and things are opening up again (knock-on-wood), I wanted to bring back the much needed social aspect of sharing a meal with friends. So Munchin' Food Tours is born! I hope to share with you what makes California home for me, while exploring and enjoying the cuisines that makes local California great!
I hope you will join me soon. Lets "Manja, Manja!"

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